Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bathroom renovation:updated

Ok, I am so excited to finally write this post. I have told everyone under the sun, about our bathroom renovation and I finally want to show everyone how much I am in love! And it was definitely a labor of love, since it took from July to March to complete, but I have pictures of the entire thing. The good Lord took care of every detail of this bathroom. It could not have been done without the hard work of Bearss construction, family firend Charlie Sanchez, and my skillful bargain shopping! Enjoy! (p.s. i found more demolition photos that i didn't know i had...they are quite fun!)

This was the bathroom before.

we decided this was to be the first room to renovate because of the mold and poor craftsmanship throughout the bathroom.

So to give the bathroom more room, we pushed back the wall to where it was originally.

The tile is in! Found at Bargain Outlet in Warwick. $1.97 a square foot, compared to $9.98 at Lowe's for subway marble.

I love my toilet and sink. Found at New England Supply in Uxbridge, MA. This was also an amazing deal at two for the price of one! $500 for both Kohler  toilet and console sink and that is everything(faucet and legs included). And trust me console sinks are not cheap.

We added three sky lights to let more light in, and it was the best decision ever! The room is so bright and I love the natural lighting.
Ok, here are up to date additions to the bath. I apologize for the lighting, my camera was not doing a good job of capturing the brightness of the room. But I added a persian runner from Ocean State Job Lot $10.
We finally added the glass to the bathroom!!!! It just looks so elegant and fancy. I feel like I am in a hotel bathroom. This was definitely the most expensive item in the whole bathroom. But definitely worth it. It truly makes this bathroom stand out.

I switched the painting that my pepere(grandfather) painted to over the toilet. It looks more appropriate over there. Then there is just three candles on top of the toilet.
This area still needs work but for now, I have a make shift cabinet, till I can get find a better one. The towel hooks I found at Homegoods( and don't tell ed, but I may have him attach them to the back of the door)
I am definitely in need of storage and pinterest has been very helpful in giving me ideas for how to get shelves in my bathroom and I really like this idea!

I was thinking about a cabinet for storing cleaning supplies and all the other bathroom junk, and I know that this is narrow enough to fit, and not feel crowded and I like the design  of it. I think it will give the bathroom a slight edgy feel.
I would also love to put a wooden plank across the tub. Number one because it is cheaper than a metal shelf  and number two I like the earthy feel it will bring to the bathroom. I want to make it feel warm and inviting. That is why I did add a Persian rug on the floor.

Look at that sky!

 Well, there you have it in a nut shell. Let me know if you have any other questions or comments, and I will definitely post updates as to how I pull together the finishing pieces! L.Y.


  1. Looks great, congrats.. now take a long bubble bath and relax, you deserve it..

  2. Oh my goodness! Gorgeous!!! I want you and E.Y. to help me remodel my bathroom someday!!