Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day celebration

I know I am a little late, but how did you celebrate this mother's day? I have three wonderful mother's in my life, and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done in my life. I truly love to entertain, and it gave me great joy to see the surprise on their faces when they came to lunch.

 For each mother I had a vanilla buttermilk pound cake, a centerpiece, and little coin purse from Vera Bradley. It was only a small token of my gratitude. But I really just wanted to say Thank you.

 Thank you mom, for raising me in a Christ centered home; Thank you mom, for keeping me company on Saturday nights, so i don't have to be by myself and making me feel sooo special since the moment I met you; Thank you memere for giving me wonderful memories of pool parties, late night card games, and trips to Italy! I have been blessed to have such Godly women in my life! HaPPY MOTHERs day! May we remember everyday, what truly remarkable ladies surround us!

For the menu: Lemonade, spinach with Gorgonzola, pistachios and a sweet and spicy vinaigrette; slow cooked beef with couscous apricots, whole peeled tomatoes, red onions, and sweet potatoes; vegetable lasagna; vanilla buttermilk pound cake; cranberry oatmeal squares