Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration: Farmhouse Table

The kitchen is one of my favorites rooms in my house, and a lot of thought is going into how it will look when we get around to remodeling it. I love gathering around the kitchen table as hot food is being prepared....and lets be honest when you have a party everyone naturals gravitates in the kitchen anyways. So needless to say I want to make this room special one day. But currently all I know right about now is that I want a white kitchen, with dark accent pieces.

AND..... A farmhouse Table!

I am so excited to finally share the newest addition to the Yeremuk household: My farmhouse table! My father in-law just finished this oak, stained table for my kitchen. I am in love. Now I am on the hunt for the perfect chairs since the ones you see belong in my dining room. I admit I wanted to get this posted before I got to lazy, so the lighting isn't the greatest, but I know the table is going to look fabulous when everything is said and done. Oh and by the way that table isn't going anywhere fast, because it weighs a ton! I am confident that many Yeremuk's to come will be sharing food and conversation at this table. 


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  1. It looks great! I didn't even recognize your kitchen at first because I expected the bar table to be there... can't wait to see it all finished some day!